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Cutting edge technology for thoroughbred fans

01 / 08 / 2012 Article by: Editor
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Tasracing’s world-first thoroughbred tracking system – StrideMaster – that captures key performance statistics for all horses in all Tasmanian races has been enhanced with the addition of three new assessment tools.

Available through the Tasracing web site, the new information available includes:

Speed maps – positions a horse in the race as either forward, middle or back based on recent racing patterns, allowing the system to determine the horse’s exact settling position and race tempo based on previous starts.
Fast finishers – identifies horses that have run the fastest, second fastest and third fastest closing 600-metre sectionals at their last start.
Stridemaster horse performance – provides highly detailed form from a horse’s last five runs.
Speed maps and fast finishers reports will be posted on Tasracing’s website once acceptances close in the lead up to race day.

Tasracing CEO Eliot Forbes said the new form analysis tools further demonstrated the company’s commitment to investing and co-developing technology for wagering customers, owners and trainers.

“The StrideMaster form has already proved to be extremely valuable and has assisted to drive significant new visitor traffic to our web site,” he said.

“The original StrideMaster included sectional times, positions in running and biometric data (stride length, the duration of each stride, stride efficiency and velocity).

“From the outset Tasracing and Stridemaster said this new technology would assist punters and enable owners and trainers to better understand their horse’s performance.

“This new suite of digital products is an enhancement of the original offering, positioning Tasmanian racing product as a premium choice for wagering customers.”

The Stridemaster information is collected via a 70-gram device that sits in the saddle cloth of each horse. It is completely portable and requires no additional infrastructure to be installed at racetracks.

Tasracing worked closely with the system’s developer, StrideMaster, for 10 months prior to its launch in Tasmania in 2010.