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Fawdry injured in race fall

30 / 04 / 2012 Article by: Editor

TASMANIAN reinswoman Tamra Fawdry was lucky to escape with only minor injuries as a result of a nasty fall in a race at Devonport on Sunday night.

Fawdry was sent crashing to the track when a first-starter she was driving Blacks A Beauty stumbled and fell 60 metres after the start of the third race on the 10-event card.

Tisu Fly (Gareth Rattray) and Really Fayfay (Justin Campbell) could not avoid the fallen horse so they also crashed to the track but Rattray and Campbell were both subsequently cleared to fulfill their driving engagements for the remainder of the program.

Fawdry suffered a wrenched knee, bruised kidney, strained wrist and general soreness from bruising.

She lay motionless on the track for about 20 minutes while ambulance paramedics prepared her for transportation to the Mersey General Hospital.

It was her first race drive since June last year when she relinquished her driver’s licence after falling pregnant, however she had been a regular at the trials and she partnered Blacks A Beauty to a trial win at Carrick on April 14.

Blacks A Beauty sustained damage to both front knees and facial abrasions while Tisu Fly suffered facial injuries and Really Fayfay appeared to be injury free.