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Flexi bets expanded to trifectas and quadrella

06 / 10 / 2010 Article by: Editor

TASMANIAN punters will be pleased to know that The TOTE introduced Flexi betting on trifectas and quadrellas this week.

Flexi betting has been available on the First Four bet type for some time and on Tuesday The TOTE rolled out its flexi trifecta and quadrella bet types for its phone betting customers and on its internet wagering site.

Some of The TOTE’S 120 retail and hotel outlets have been upgraded but it is not expected top have every TOTE outlet in the state switched onto the new bet type until October 22.

Flexi betting allows punters the opportunity to take multiple numbers in First Four, Quadrella and Trifecta bets but for a nominated amount.

For example a punter might want to box up five horses in a trifecta but may doesn’t want to spend $60, which is what that bet would cost for a two unit investment.

But with a flexi bet the punter can outlay $20 that produces a 33.33% share of the declared dividend if the bet is successful.

Tasmanian punters have been yearning for Flexi betting so they will be in their element, especially that is has arrived in time for the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival.