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Greyhound of the Year judging panel appointed

30 / 04 / 2010 Article by: Editor

The Greyhound Reference Group has appointed the finest of Tasmanian greyhound expertise to form the five member panel for the selection of the Tasmanian Greyhound of the Year.

This panel will determine the greyhound to be named as Tasmanian Greyhound of the Year for the year 1 January to 31 December 2010 which is announced in early 2011.

The panel will be led by Greg Fahey with the other members being Peter Hayes, Rick Puccinelli, Gary Sutton and Shane Yates.

In previous years the selection of the Greyhound of the Year has been determined on a points system, however Tasracing earlier this year, on the recommendation of the Greyhound Reference Group, amended the policy for the Greyhound of the Year to be determined by a panel of experts.

Chairman of the Greyhound Reference Group, Tasracing’s Chief Racing Officer Dave Fisher, said he was pleased the change in policy recommended by the Greyhound Reference Group had been adopted by Tasracing and the appointments offered had been accepted by the panel members.

To be eligible for the Greyhound of the Year Award, a greyhound must have been domiciled in Tasmania for a minimum period of 3 months during the period in which the awards are determined and won a minimum of eight races, four of which were in Tasmania during the period.

The 2010 Greyhound of the Year will be announced at the Annual Awards Presentation Dinner in February 2011.