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Harness workouts at Tapeta Park successful

05 / 04 / 2012 Article by: Editor
Horses preparing for a workout at Tapeta Park Spreyton
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Some of Tasmania’s best drivers participated in the harness workouts at Tapeta Park Devonport on Thursday 29 March and all were impressed with the way horses handled the surface.

Five workouts were conducted from behind the mobile barrier over 1700 metres (approx). Four or five horses contested each workout. Vision of each workout is available CLICK HERE and the five workouts are clearly defined.

The states leading driver Gareth Rattray, who looks a certainty to win his seventh consecutive state driving title, participated along with Rohan Hadley, Rohan Hillier, Barrie Rattray, Craig Hayes, Troy Hillier, Mike Castles and Kirk Bourne. Horses included Dodgermemate, Gamblers Rustler, Brezhnev Leis and Major Ruler.

Gareth Rattray labeled the workouts a success.

“The six horses that Dad (Barrie) and I took all performed very well and it was their first time on the surface. Brezhnev Leis was interesting,”Rattray said.

“He is a smart horse but a tendency to hang in has stopped him winning more races. He handled the Tapeta Park corners better than any other track he has been on,” he said.

Rattray added that horses appeared to retain their sprinting ability.

“Brezhnev Leis was strong to the line and Advanced Art responded well when I asked for an effort in the straight,” he said.

Drivers reported that the Tapeta Park experience is a quiet one compared to other tracks as you cannot hear the horses’ hooves on the surface.

Following the success of the workouts Tasracing, with the assistance of the North West Tasmanian Light Harness Association and Racing Services Tasmania, has scheduled official trials at Tapeta Park on 21 April.

The following conditions will apply at the trials:

The Tasracing mobile barrier and the DHRC mobile barrier will be available.
2. Hand held tapes will be available for standing start trials.
3. The distance for all trials will be approximately 1700 metres.
4. No qualifying of horses will be undertaken.
5. A Grade C Driver can be accredited for a satisfactory trial drive.
6. The start time for the first trial will be 12.30 pm (approx) and it is anticipated the last will be 2.00 – 2.30 pm.
7. Acceptances for the trials close with Racing Services Tasmania at noon on Friday 20 April. The codes will be DVQ20041201 (MS) and DVQ20041203 (SS).
Devonport harness trials planned for Monday 23 April have been cancelled.

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