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Tasracing reveals participants for Claiming Novice Driver series

12 / 06 / 2013 Article by: Peter Staples
Matthew Howlett has been selected to tackle the BOTRA-Tasracing Claiming Novice Drivers series icon Click to enlarge

Tasracing has selected the participants for the upcoming 2013 BOTRA Claiming Novice Driver Series.

Selection is based on the top five eligible drivers from the 2011/12 Tasmanian Junior Drivers premiership and the leading claiming novice drivers on the 2012/13 Tasmanian State Drivers table 28 days prior to the commencement of the series.

The series commences at Devonport on Monday 24 June followed by Launceston on Sunday 30 June and concludes in Hobart on Monday 1 July.

Two heats will be held at each venue and the driver who accrues the most points over the six heats will be declared the winner.

A claiming novice driver is a person who has been licensed as a driver for less than five years, or up to seven years if the driver was 16 or 17 years old when first licensed as a driver.

A claiming novice driver can claim a handicapping concession in some races until they have driven a total of 40 winners in races that boast stake money of more than $3,001.

The participants are:                Age                 Wins

Nicholas Brockman                 20                    18

Adrian Collins                         36                    10

Lyarna Graham                       21                    4

Craig Hayes                            55                    38

Troy Hillier                              40                    38

Braden Howlett                      19                    3

Justin Howlett                         21                    23

Matthew Howlett                   16                    7

Damien Spring                        27                    27

Brady Woods (Emergency)    17                    2

Tim Yole                                 25                    3

BOTRA Tasmania sponsored the inaugural series in 2012.

President Chester Bullock said supporting the series is an ideal way for BOTRA to demonstrate its long term commitment to improving Tasmanian harness racing.

“BOTRA represents breeders, owners, trainers and reinspersons (drivers) and driving is a common way for new participants to enter harness racing,”Bullock said.

“Most progress to becoming owners, trainers or breeders.”

“The drivers in the 2013 series are, to a large degree, the future of harness racing and all have earned the right to participate through consistent recent performances,” Bullock said.